August Mok & May Tan

August Mok &
May Tan

Blue Diamond Executive

“It is a business of "Forever Learning", people-oriented.” - August Mok
“Riches come from caring, sincerity and thanksgiving.” - May Tan

It is the dream of obtaining greater freedom, concentrating in a people-oriented business, and achieving a life-long learning process that motivate this husband and wife team to explore Nu Skin business concept. “We got to know of Nu Skin business even before it entered Malaysia through our uplines, Team Elite Mr. & Mrs. See Kwang Seng and Ten Million Dollar Circle Member Mr. & Mrs. Wang Kuang Ming. With a firm understanding of our goal in life, we took the challenge and joined the business late 2001 when Nu Skin Malaysia started.”

“Many people think that Nu Skin business is targeted towards those from high social status. I’ m telling you that it is not true. Coming from family with modest means, we started this business from scratch. Taking a step at a time, we took the business seriously but slowly. There is not a fly-by-night success,” explained August.

Like many others, August and May were attracted by the Nu Skin Force For Good initiative, and the distinctive quality of its personal care and nutrition supplement products. “Seeing the people quality in Nu Skin was what inspired me to join this business. I understood that this was the only opportunity that I could be in a business of “Forever Learning” and people-oriented as well,” August continued.

“For a moment there, I wonder if August had gone insane? He wanted to sell beauty products?” his wife, May, thought at that time. “But when I came to understand the business, I started to believe in it and supported August’ s decision to take on Nu Skin as his core career,“ said May. It seems that trust and support are the two major factors to this couple’ s success.

“We believe that riches come from caring, sincerity and thanksgiving,” May emphasized. “Thus it is important for us to share our care with others who are in need, be sincere and honest to everyone especially when we are sharing the business opportunity . Nu Skin products are good in this sense because we do not need to give exaggerated explanations to our customers. Last but not least, we always need to give thanks to those who help us grow.” August added.

Before the interview came to an end, the couple insists: “ We would like to thank our uplines, Mr. See Kwang Seng and Wang Kuang Ming . It is through their example and positive attitude that we got to where we are today. We will continue to take on their positive thinking and continue to spread the Force For Good effort through Nu Skin’ global opportunity. This will ensure the success for many more to come.”