Arissa Lim Bee Hong

Arissa Lim Bee Hong

Executive Brand Director


“You Only Live Once (YOLO). Make it Count!”


Arissa was happy earning a stable income, working as an accountant in the corporate world for 10 years before discovering how the constant surge of inflation and cost of living could affect her future plans.
“After going through my own financial planning, I felt very insecure. I realized that even if I continue working with 5-10% salary increment yearly, I would not be able to support my child’s education, my retirement plan and my dream lifestyle in the future.”

Hence, she ventured into an education franchise business, thinking that being her own boss, she would be more secured, earning a higher and faster income while enjoying more flexibility. To her disappointment, she found that her business income became stagnant after five years.

“I thought to myself, the only way to expand was to invest a few hundred thousand into opening a second center. However, that does not guarantee returns.” Arissa explained.

It was at this struggling moment that an angel appeared. Her best friend, Executive Brand Director, Yvon gave her the best gift ever – Nu Skin!  

“I am very grateful to her, and for not giving up on me even though I have rejected her several times.”

After nine months in the Nu Skin business, she decided to sell off her franchise as Nu Skin has become the best platform for her to generate global passive income and to realize her dreams.

It has been four years now, and Nu Skin has truly been an amazing and incredible journey for Arissa. “I have learned to be a better person, focus on the big picture, and able to make a difference in many people lives.”

Arissa sees Nu Skin as a privilege, an unique opportunity, and a business for “Life”. It enables her to help others achieving their Dreams. It is a platform to live her life with a Definite Purpose and Full of Colors and Hope. “Nu Skin is the BEST and ONLY choice that can help me to achieve time and financial flexibility,” concluded Arissa.

With a thankful heart, Arissa conveyed her sincere gratitude to her upline, Executive Brand Director, Jasmine and Yvon; 2 Year Presidential Director, KC Kang & Willing Tan, her sidelines for their continuous support and encouragement, her downlines for their trust and faith in her, her beloved parents, siblings and all the wonderful people who have supported her.

But most importantly, she would like to thank the person who inspired her. “I am so blessed to have a wonderful son, Nicholas Chong. He is my inspiration in life. Nicholas, I LOVE YOU!”

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