Nicholas Yeo & Gan Kok Hong


Circle of Excellence II, 3 Year Platinum Presidential Director & 11 Year Presidential Director

“Life must be exciting and glorious. Do not live life in vain because you're worth it."


Having worked as accountants for many years, both husband and wife Nicholas Yeo and Gan Kok Hong never imagined being able to have a semi-retired lifestyle and live a life of leisure at a young age. In fact, they were sceptical when a friend introduced them to a business where they could enjoy not only leveraged income, but also the flexibility to pursue the lifestyle that they want.


Three years later, the friend, who is now their upline, approached them again about building a business with Nu Skin. This time around, the circumstances were different. Both Nicholas and Kok Hong were getting weary of the daily grind of working in the accounting industry.


“At that time I was looking for a solution to have a more relaxed lifestyle. Our friend proved to us that it was possible to live the life we want through Nu Skin as she was already enjoying the lifestyle which we can only dream of,” Nicholas says.


Nicholas and Kok Hong joined the Nu Skin business in 2004. However, it was not all smooth sailing at first. “We didn’t do very well in the first three years after joining Nu Skin. On top of that, I was a very introverted person and I didn’t like to mix around. So you can imagine joining Nu Skin was a huge conflict to my character. However, I pushed myself to become more outgoing in order to achieve my dream,” Nicholas shares.


This transformation helped the husband-and-wife team achieve a breakthrough in their business three years later, when they reached the Executive Brand Partner status and their team expanded rapidly. “With Nu Skin, I see transformation not just for ourselves, but for our team too. To achieve Ruby status was a huge milestone for us. From that point onwards, I believed achieving the Circle of Excellence I was just a matter of time,” Nicholas remarks.


Now, as they have successfully qualified as Circle of Excellence II, 3 Year Platinum Presidential Director & 8 Year Presidential Director they look back at their 13-year journey and feel that it has been one crazy yet rewarding ride. Nicholas says, “This is a wonderful life. We started to enjoy our half-retirement in our late thirties. We now enjoy so much flexibilities in our lives that every day feels like a holiday to us!”


“Today, we no longer work for money, but for our dream and our mission to create more success stories for people like us. What drives us to go on is to create awareness and change the public perception about the MLM industry,” he adds.


“When you can find a good company such as Nu Skin and you get the support of a good team and a good leader, Nu Skin is truly a wonderful business to be in!”

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