Koh Yeok Choo & Yap Peck Kong


Circle of Excellence II, 1 Year Platinum Presidential Director & 4 Year Presidential Director

“Begin with Believe and Persist Till The End.”


Previously a general insurance authorized dealer who made his way from working for people till owning his own company, Yap Peck Kong has accumulated a lot of experiences. Throughout the years, he and his wife have worked very hard and had successfully gained leveraged income. This ordinary couple chose to let go of their insurance business and joined the Nu Skin business.


“It has been 12 years since we joined Nu Skin in 2001. The insurance business was able to bring us good income, but we must work very hard each day. Once we stop working, our income would stop,” said our newly crowned Circle of Excellence II. Nu Skin business is different. Starting the business by building a network, their work got easier while they become more relax along the way. “Nu Skin offers an opportunity to supplemental income and time flexibility allowing us to have a leisure life with extraordinary lifestyle.”


They made the turning point in their life with a simple rule – 100% believe. They believe that Nu Skin is able to change their life; they believe that Nu Skin is able to provide them with the achievements they wanted. They have never doubted the business even challenges and problems occurred. This strong belief in them helped in sustaining their determination and perseverance in the business. “Looking back at the last 12 years, there were a lot of struggles and challenges, but we feel that all of these are worthwhile in exchange for a wonderful and relaxing life we have wow,” said the successful leaders.


Qualifying for the Circle of Excellence II title has proven, once again, that Nu Skin is real. “It can change our future as well as others. It is easy to succeed in this business. You just have to determine how many people you want to help and the contentment you are looking for when helping these people to succeed. Many people fail in this business because they only focused on their own goals instead of helping others,” explained our Circle of Excellence II member.


The successful couple is grateful to 4 Year Platinum Presidential Director, 14 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence IV members, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho. “They led by example to help us understand the ways and attitude we need to have when working with people. We are thankful for their trust in us and have gained a lot along the course. We have come to realize that in this business, it is not how strong you are, but how fast you duplicate.”


They are also grateful to Nu Skin’s Force For Good culture. This culture has guided them into becoming a better person, children, parents and spouse. “Nu Skin’s Force For Good culture gave us a happy and blessed family.”

To qualify for any title, you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. Generating meaningful compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and commitment. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents and leadership abilities. There are no guarantees of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Compensation Plan can be found at: www.nuskin.com