Samuel Lai & Connie Lai


Circle of Excellence I & 5 Year Team Elite


“Keep discovering the best version of you”


As an experienced executive in a trading company, Samuel Lai's switch to Nu Skin was a big adjustment for him. It was during his company's restructuring process that he started off on a part-time basis at Nu Skin. When he learned more about the business, products and Nu Skin's charitable programs, he realized that there was more to Nu Skin than dollars and cents.


For his sister, Connie, Nu Skin was her first job upon graduating from college. “I graduated from college with zero background in business and zero experience in networking,” Connie shares. “I feel blessed to have chosen Nu Skin as my life-time business. If an ordinary girl like me can achieve success in this business, it’s an inspiration to others that they can do the same.”


To Samuel, one of the biggest challenges in his business was acquiring a strong network of prospects. Samuel persevered and found alternative ways to build up his network.


"To overcome the challenge of having a limited network in KL, I decided to start from scratch. During that time, social media isn't a strong resource to connect with others, so I had to do it the traditional way to build our network. You need the right attitude, self-discipline and the ability to put your goal before your own needs in order to achieve success. It’s definitely a lot of hard work."


All the hard work eventually paid off. Today Samuel and Connie have reached Nu Skin's Circle of Excellence I title. With the new title, new goals arise for them as well. “Our current goal is to have the power of influence to help more people.” Connie says.


Along with enjoying leveraged income and personal accomplishments, they are also finding joy and satisfaction in helping children with congenital heart disease by being a board member of the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, an initiative under Nu Skin’s Force For Good Foundation.


“To achieve true success, there is, after all no substitute for hard work,” says Connie. “In Nu Skin, your hard work can be accumulated, and you can see the result. With the power of Force For Good, we can help to transform more lives.”


They attribute their success to the mentors who have helped them along the way. “We would like to express our gratitude to Circle of Excellence I, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum & 9 Year Team Elite, Evelyn Lai and Jonathan Chong,” they say. “They always lead by action and this is what great leaders should do. They are not only our uplines but also our life mentors who pointed us towards the right direction whenever we face any challenges.”

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