Jay Loh & Jason Lai

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Jay Loh & Jason Lai

1 Million Dollar Circle & Executive Brand Director

"I realized, everyone needs Nu Skin. Therefore, sharing Nu Skin's products and opportunity with everyone has become my mission in life."


Jason Lai was a businessman in the textile industry. He set up the business in 1993 with his family to produce top-notch clothes for the domestic and overseas markets. On the other hand, Jay Loh graduated as a graphic designer with an entrepreneurial dream.


Jay spent all his time, effort and money to invest in a business but he did not get the result he wanted after working hard for 6 years. “I lost everything overnight and I realized the risk of being a self-employed business owner. This became the main reason for me to choose Nu Skin. This business model allows us to fail 99 times but if we succeed one time, it will totally transform our lives,” says Jay.


As for Jason, he faced a terrific situation going through a financial crisis in 1997. Doomed, the crisis woke them up. They did not want to let the macro economy to affect their destiny and therefore decided to explore a new business platform. “We’ve tried many businesses until we found Nu Skin and attracted by its global business platform. After joining its global convention, we decided to embark in it,” say Jay and Jason.


What began as a desire to earn passive income as well as to attain financial and time flexibility, led to bigger and better things for the duo. They began to understand the true value in life. In Nu Skin, Jay and Jason work alongside groups of talented people to achieve success and dreams. They hold strong belief in working hard, staying strong and never giving up.


“I realized, everyone needs Nu Skin. Therefore, sharing Nu Skin’s products and opportunity with everyone has become my mission in life,” says Jay. Both Jason and Jay love ageLOC products as they are the walking testimonies of its effectiveness. The products help to enhance their energy level and made them look younger. Pairing great products with passion and excitement meant that they could take massive action in establishing their business better.


They believe the secret to the business is to have confidence in oneself and persist till the end. The experience gained through their association with Nu Skin has created people of integrity who are willing to help others as they build the organization. Leadership and loving people is the means to which Jason and Jay run their business, where they have a caring heart and unconditionally giving and putting the interest of others as their priority.


“In the Nu Skin business, success depends on word of mouth. If there is no honesty and integrity, it will surely collapse,” says Jason. “Blake Roney believes everyone can achieve success in Nu Skin but he cares more of the kind of person one will be after he/she succeed in Nu Skin,” adds Jay.

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