Andy Wong & Annie Woo


Circle of Excellence I, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 4 Year Team Elite


“This is a business that puts others above ourselves. It is never about us, it has always been and always will be, about the team.”


Andy Wong and Annie Woo had solid careers in the advertising industry. Andy was a producer for TV commercials and MTV before starting his own business in event management. Annie was in outdoor advertising for nine years and was also a frequent face in TV commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements.


Because of their incredibly busy careers, this husband and wife hardly had time for each other. “We had just gotten married,” Annie explains. “Yet we hardly saw each other. I worked nine to five while Andy clocked very late nights due to the nature of his events business. When he got home, I was asleep, and when I woke up, he’s still sleeping.” It finally got so bad that the two did not see each other for one whole week, despite living in the same house!


The couple realized that something had to change. Even so, they did not jump into the Nu Skin business immediately. Andy confesses that he actually detested the MLM industry and spoke harshly to anyone who tried to prospect him. Yet, when his friend explained how Nu Skin works, Andy was finally convinced. “It’s a powerful business plan,” he says. He also realized that Nu Skin would allow him to have a more meaningful life, with the flexibility to spend more time with Annie.


Husband and wife decided to enter the Nu Skin business later on, and it is now the only business that they do. For Annie, Nu Skin was the obvious choice. “I was an employee and Andy a business owner. Both these categories of people will not have the flexibility to work according to their own schedules. When you work for others, you’ll get nowhere as you are controlled by the company – they determine your pay, how many hours you work and so on. Even if you own a business, you are still controlled by your business. You cannot retire because if you don’t work, you don’t get money. So we had to find another option.”


“Nu Skin is a very good company with a strong scientific background, strong financial background and fantastic products. By leveraging on the products and business opportunities, we realized this is the best platform for us to work towards achieving leveraged income,” Annie continues.


Thanks to Nu Skin, Andy and Annie are able to live the kind of life they want. They do everything together: work, travel, lead their team. “I get to spend time with my Dad on weekdays, because I have the flexibility of choosing when to work. I’ll take him out to lunch or bring him to movies when everyone else is busy working,” Andy chuckles.


More than just financial improvement, the couple experienced personal transformation through Nu Skin. “I’ve learned to give unconditionally, without expecting anything in return,” Andy reveals. “Annie and I believe that giving happiness to others is the most satisfying thing in the world. When you transform other people’s lives for the better, it’s a precious feeling that money can’t buy. This business is never about us, but always about others.” When asked what would the key success factor in their Nu Skin journey be, Andy confidently replies, “If you fall down seven times, you’ve just got to get up eight times”.


Andy and Annie are very grateful to their friends Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho. They also convey special thanks to their direct upline, Circle of Excellence I, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 2 Year Team Elite, Desmond Teoh & Christine Khor. Thanks also go to Circle of Excellence I, 1 Year Team Elite Platinum & 3 Year Team Elite, Helen Ng and Circle of Excellence I, Cynthia Low, as well as to their sidelines and downlines. Finally, they wish to thank Nu Skin for its great culture, environment and products.

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