Amy Khor & Albert Sia


Circle of Excellence I & 2 Year Team Elite

“We need to work hard to create the results that we want. Only by focusing on the inspiring lives of the Nu Skin mentors who are always there to provide guidance, you will manage to stay on top of the game.”


Albert was involved in the furniture factory business as well as the insurance line prior joining Nu Skin. Though he is earning a modest living, Albert realized that he could not build a future with insurance. After more than 10 years in the line, he started looking for other opportunities.


He admit that he used to be stubborn when it comes to selling, but all that changed when his wife started the Nu Skin business. She continued to share the business with Albert. Seeing his wife performing remarkably, he started to look into this opportunity.


It was not too long before Albert joined Amy in this business where they spent their time and effort to sow for greater success.


Today, they are part of the Circle of Excellence and have built an amazing business together with their uplines and downlines.


“We have really great uplines, Hsin Mei Wang and Shih Shan Kuo,” says Albert. “They came with the knowledge to help us to sort out of any problem. They have always been there for us, to guide and lead us.”


Experienced the opportunity themselves, Albert and Amy built amazing connections through Nu Skin. They did not have any relatives and acquaintances to support them at the early stages; but they were determined to make a success out of their business. What even more remarkable is the impact of Nu Skin products have had on them. Albert and Amy are the living testimonies of the effectiveness of Nu Skin. “Nu Skin products have helped my wife and I to have a healthier life,” says Albert.


Another aspect of the business that Albert enjoys is the teamwork, where he gets to connect with people and build networks, living the maxim of leading by example.


“Teamwork is key,” says Albert. “A true leader brings people together and organizes people.”


Even after having reached such an incredible milestone of being a Circle of Excellence, Albert says it is not about the income they are earning, but about helping people. It is the culture of the company of being in contribution to society and actually living the Nu Skin mission of being a force for good. From the determination in Albert’s voice, it is no doubt that Albert and Amy will continue living in contribution to others. 

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