Hazel Calvert

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Hazel Calvert

Hazel Calvert

I’ve always been a happy go lucky type of person, so before Nu Skin, I still had a lot of happiness, but I just was so desperate for a way out from the 9-5 lifestyle. Being a working mum, juggling nursery/childcare, keeping the house tidy, etc. just wasn’t my idea of fun.


I’ve always worked hard and I enjoyed my job. I’ve had a mixture of jobs in my corporate career, from working as a communications specialist for Mercedes Benz to working in customer engagement and development for Argos and Homebase. The last project that I rolled out before leaving was a recognition scheme to 14,000 colleagues.


Enjoying my role just wasn’t enough for me, I was sick of being in debt, sick of struggling at Christmas living off my credit card and sick of dropping my son off for other people to look after him.


I knew I had to make a change, I’d tried network marketing in the past, I was with 2 previous companies with no great success before finding my home with Nu Skin.


I remember very clearly writing the words “it seems too good to be true” when I first asked about the company. I can confirm now, it is good and it is true!


At first, I was only interested in retailing products, but it’s when I saw the Sales Compensation Plan that my eyes lit up and I thought “this is what is going to change my family’s life”! I loved that we could include everyone with either a free sign up or a kit option, I LOVED that flexibility! I loved that success was about helping others achieve their milestones and that from just at the start as a Distributor, you can earn team commissions, as in my previous companies you had to hit certain titles to trigger commission.


I thank Nu Skin for teaching me to dream, I had never done a dream board before I started this company. I knew that I did not want to worry about money anymore and I wanted to be at home with my son. But I never thought about any other goals or dreams until Nu Skin. My dreams have never been about material things, I just wanted to live a life of feeling fulfilled. My dream is to have a 6-bedroom home and fill it with love and laughter.


My biggest motivation is knowing what it feels like to have to withdraw cash out of the bank and put in a cupboard what would be our food shopping money for the month, we couldn’t go a penny over. So, I am motivated that I will make sure that I never have to live that way again.


This company has transformed me in many ways, but I guess one important way is that it has enabled me to take responsibility and helped me understand that I am in charge of all aspects of my life, and I am in control of my decisions and choices. Please try not to laugh, but my most memorable experience is before I joined Nu Skin, I totally hand on heart had an epiphany in the bath a year before I joined. I came running out telling Dan, my partner, that I can’t explain what had just happened but something incredible is coming our way... and 12 months later, Nu Skin found me.


I set my goals in 2 ways, I write down what I want to achieve in 12 months’ time plus I have 3-month goals, which are usually 3 things only, it could be a volume figure, income figure, pin title or number of new Ruby Executives. I then print out my 3-month goals and dot them round the house everywhere so whichever room I go in, I’m reminded. I have one on my fridge, on the mirror, on my desk, in my purse, on my bedside table. It works a treat for me.


It’s really easy to say you’re going to achieve something when you’re in an amazing mood, but the results happen on the days that you don’t want to do something. It’s what separates “getting by” from those that have brilliant success. So, when you put pen to paper, it’s like you’re in a contract with yourself and it holds you accountable.


You’re not human if you don’t ever have a down moment. The key word being moment. I’ve learnt to move past things quicker and quicker each time. Something that might have bothered me for a week, I tell myself next time I will make sure it’s less time, then before you know it, it only bothers you for a day, and then the next time, it’s only an hour, and then the next time, it’s only a minute. You must learn to accept that it’s not plain sailing, but when you make a commitment to yourself, you will work at getting better and better at handling challenges. I like to always be open and honest, and there have been times where I have thought it was easier to quit and walk away. And then I remember my favourite saying, “nothing comes easy, but who wants nothing”. The challenges you go through, will happen in any company. You can only overcome them by growing through what you go through. Also, remember that you need to go through challenges and upsets to be able to help your team when they are going through them.


I don’t believe in sugar coating and I don’t like the saying “fake it till you make it”, however I do believe in “believe it to achieve it”. I feel it’s so important to be open and honest, share the amazing success, but also share the moments where you have struggled and provide solutions for how you overcome that. If you love energy, raw passion, honesty and integrity, then surely your team will too. I like to coach about being real, being you, being authentic, spreading their wings, trial and error. Have a laugh and bring good energy, take your business serious, but not so much yourself. Be all the things you would love to see in your team.

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