You Don’t Have to Go To Extremes to Get Great-Looking Skin

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You Don’t Have to Go To Extremes to Get Great-Looking Skin


Extreme skin treatments have been popping up around the globe. Bee venom and salmon-egg enzymes are just a few of the outrageous ingredients people will use to look younger. One popular treatment making its rounds is the snail facial. The snail mucus is filled with hyaluronic acid which helps keep skin hydrated for a young, fresh look. It’s not necessary to go to such extremes to get the skin beneficial nutrients of hyaluronic acid.   


Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid, and the highest production levels are when we are first born. This is part of what gives babies their soft skin. As we age, however, our bodies produce less, significantly decreasing after the age of 40.


With a legacy of innovative skin care, Nu Skin was one of the first to introduce a line of products including hyaluronic acid. Currently, Nu Skin offers a number of products with hyaluronic acid including Body Smoother, Enhancer, Hand Lotion, NaPCA Moisturizer, Rejuvenating Cream, NaPCA Moisture Mist, ageLOC Transforming Night, ageLOC Future Serum and 180 Night Complex to help add vital moisture to your skin.


Don’t worry about going to extremes, Nu Skin helps your skin to look young and hydrated.