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5 Reasons LumiSpa is a Game Changer


The last two decades have seen the rise and development of skin care and cleansing devices. From brush cleansers to micro-dermabrasion systems, the average household now has access to a wide range of devices designed to help with a variety of beauty issues. The problem is, many of these devices make you adapt to them—that is, you have to fit each device into your busy schedule.


But now, you can take back control of your free time. Finally, someone gets it.


Thanks to a breakthrough multitasking device created by the skin science powerhouse Nu Skin, you can toss several of your cleansing and skin treatment gadgets. The new ageLOC LumiSpa delivers seven cleansing and treatment benefits, requires just two minutes each morning and night, and can even be used IN THE SHOWER. It’s the next level in skin care—and here’s why:



The LumiSpa is the first dual-action skin care system in history that deep-cleanses and renews skin in just one step. It only takes two minutes to complete your treatment, and you can have softer, smoother skin after just one use! Plus, you’ll experience these seven important skin benefits with repeated use: visible skin renewal, smoothness, radiance, a more refreshed look, purified skin, minimised appearance of pores, and increased appearance of skin volume and density.



Unlike other cleansing devices that use abrasive brush or bristle heads, the LumiSpa features gentle, hygienic silicone treatment heads that won’t damage your skin or lift skin cells. Instead, the LumiSpa treatment heads gently cleanse away dirt, make-up, and toxins using a unique counter-oscillating action that expertly removes dirt, oils, and dead cells from pores. In fact, the LumiSpa cleansing experience feels so good, you’ll be craving your next treatment!



The LumiSpa is the first and only device to feature patent-pending Micro-pulse Oscillation technology, which stimulates your skin for a more effective treatment and cleansing cycle. The soft silicone treatment head moves at the precise frequency needed to promote visible skin renewal, revealing smoother, softer skin after just one use.



The LumiSpa works with skin-specific ageLOC treatment cleansers that maximise your beauty benefits. You can choose from five cleansers designed for dry, normal/combo, oily, acne or sensitive skin—each formulated using Nu Skin’s proprietary, ageLOC ingredient blend to target the sources of ageing and help you achieve healthy, youthful looking skin. Optimally designed for the LumiSpa, these treatment cleansers are proven to maximise its skin improving and cleansing benefits.



With three decades of skin care innovation behind them, Nu Skin has spent years working with a board-certified dermatologist and carrying out gene expression studies to make sure this system is engineered to perfection. Backed by clinical studies, the LumiSpa has been shown to be so effective that users experience some benefits instantly, as well as healthier, more luminous skin over time. From brighter, softer, smoother skin to the appearance of increased volume and hydration, people are seeing real, lasting results that intensify over time.


So say goodbye to your old cleansing brush and hello to LumiSpa! Get ready to take your skin care routine to the next level.