Frequently asked questions


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What is “One Global Voice” Community?


The One Global Voice Community is all about collecting, listening and learning. It’s about gathering customer feedback and acting on it to improve our customer experience.



What kind of people are you looking for?


We are looking for you! As long as you are over the age of 18, you are eligible to participate in our research studies.



What kind of data is collected when I participate? 


Types of data we collect include:

  • Nu Skin ID (if applicable)
  • Personal particulars (name, contact information, age/generational cohort, Nu Skin title [if applicable], your country, etc.)
  • Device(s) that you use to access our web site and mobile apps
  • Research interests
  • Business focus (if applicable)
  • Product purchase, usage, and other experiences you’ve had with us
  • Your responses to survey questions, opinions about research topics, and your thoughts about experiences you’ve had with Nu Skin.


To comply with program parameters, we will keep track of your participation in our research projects. Your information will not be released outside of Nu Skin. From time to time, we may use aggregate research results in external communications. For more information on how Nu Skin protects your data, you can refer to our privacy notice.



What's in it for me?


As a member of the One Global Voice Community, you have the opportunity to raise your voice and help to improve Nu Skin experiences for yourself and others. You may see our digital interfaces in the development stage where you can make a difference. Your feedback will be reviewed and considered as we strive to identify and meet customer needs.


Over the next 12 months, if you participate in at least 50% of the research projects to which you are invited, we’ll offer you a special thank-you as a token of our appreciation (varies by market).



What’s the time commitment?


Your commitment to the program is for one year. Each month we’ll send you an invitation to participate in a research activity. If the activity is a survey, that could take just a few minutes (depending on the number of questions and the subject). If you are invited to participate in a beta test, that could take 8 to 12 weeks and may involve several check-ins during that time.


You can choose if you want to participate in a particular research activity. However, if you decide to leave the program at any time, you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link in one of the emails from us.



How soon will you contact me?


W We’ll contact you for a research activity approximately once a month. Some months, the research may be a simple survey. Other months you may have an opportunity to beta test a new app. If you’ve recently tried one of our products, we may contact you about that experience.



I signed up, but I’ve decided I don’t want to participate. How do I opt-out or leave?


We understand you have your reasons, but good panelists are hard to come by. Therefore, we really do hope you will stay with us!


If you do decide to opt-out or leave, you can opt-out any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in one of the emails you received from one our researchers. If you click on the unsubscribe link, we’ll ask you to specify whether you want to just leave the One Global Voice Community or other forms of research as well.


Once you leave the community, you will no longer receive any communications regarding our program. For other requests regarding your personal data you may contact or



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