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More Success Stories




Abraham Min & Sun Mee Chun


"I was a student.  At that time I had applied for a few jobs and was waiting for a reply. Then I heard about Nu Skin, and the response from companies was too late. Now I think it was very lucky for me."



Daniel Kim


"I have enjoyed the freedom of time and money and being totally able to travel the world helping others achieve success."


George and Elaine Calligeros


"It is an incredible feeling to be able to wake up when you want, go wherever you want, work whenever and with whom you want, and all of that simply because you were not afraid to make the real commitment to yourself to pursue your own dreams."



Brian Tran, Ba Thien Tran, & Thuy Le


"I have never made a better decision in my life and Nu Skin has become something that I am truly passionate about."




Stephen Kushturian & Louella Hatfield Kushturian


"Helping others to achieve their goals is an integral part of the business, and we find it exciting and satisfying to see others in the team building successful businesses, enjoying the benefits and duplicating their successes."




Sophie Vognin-Hey & Graham Hey


"Looking back on our journey with Nu Skin, there is honestly nothing we would change."



Karen & Noel Millers


"We are inspired by many of the leaders here locally and internationally and look forward to learning more from them. We are only at the beginning of this magical ride thanks to Nu Skin."




Sharon Fu and Darrel Cheng


"Our Nu Skin business has been a journey, with the usual ups and downs of running a business. We started part time for 3 years until we chose to leave our professions behind”.




Gary Cheung & Anli Wei


"Over the last few years, we have started to experience some of the lifestyle dreams we wanted."




Craig Bailey & Dixie Sounness


"I am not a sales person. In fact I was very shy in those days, but it was easy for me to talk about products that were giving such great results! I was turning 40 at the time and really needed Nu Skin!"



Joanna & John Milligan


"Our mission is to help people create personal, professional and financial independence in an atmosphere of growth, inspiration and fun."




Jeff Ghaemaghamy


"If I can do it, so can you!"




Paul & Kristy Cooke


"[...] Driven by our dreams and ambitions we were willing to step out of our comfort zone and take action."




Don & Allison MacMillan


"The biggest change we have seen to our lives is we are now able to control our destiny instead of life controlling us."




Steve & Debra Alexander


"This system and the very high quality Nu Skin and Pharmanex anti-ageing products have greatly contributed to our success."



Mary-Lorraine & Michael Mitchell


"My Nu Skin journey has been filled with growth,challenge and tremendous learning!"



David & Nu Tran


"I couldn't find anything else out there that could provide what Nu Skin had. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I was fortunate enough to be presented with it."