Pacific Success Trip 2020 Vietnam

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 2nd - 7th March 2020


Xin Chào👋


Fall in love with the hearty people, vibrant culture and amazing diversity of landscapes that Vietnam has to offer. Soon you will be exploring the museums, enjoying the amazing food and relaxing on the stunning beaches. When visiting Da Nang in Vietnam you can enjoy one of the most innovative skylines as well as the serene riverside promenades. Da Nang is amazing and is among the country’s fastest growing hotspots for tourists. We are so excited and can’t wait to celebrate with you in this laidback coastal city bursting with rolling mountains, historical sites and fun-filled activities. Your time in Vietnam, Da Nang will be amazing and we can’t wait to share it with you. Discover Vietnam with us in 2020 and discover the best you!!



Da Nang is situated on the coastline, with many picturesque beaches that you must visit. The incredible white sand stretches for kilometers and is the perfect spot for you to relax.



Da Nang is a food lovers dream. There is an endless range of delicious food options available. You must try Mi Quang the traditional breakfast meal in Da Nang. This consists of rice noodles served with a beefy broth. For lunch Com or rice is a popular option and can be found everywhere around Da Nang.



Take a walk through Da Nang’s rich history by visiting all the historical landmarks. There are several destinations in Da Nang including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces and parks where you can learn about the past of Da Nang and why it is now considered one of the largest and most important cities of Vietnam.




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