Bist du noch da?


Joanna Plesnar


Before joining Nu Skin, I was working as a producer in the film industry for several years and was enjoying it as I got to accomplish great things artistically. Then one night I woke up with a feeling that I was ready to try something new. I wasn’t quite sure what that ‘something new’ was so when I first joined Nu Skin, it was not with a clear purpose. I hadn’t really dreamt about being a part of this company, I had simply heard about the products and business opportunity and decided to give it a try! When I spoke with Eliza Kupidurska who told me about Nu Skin, my response to her was “Ok, cosmetics will do. I can work with this!”.


It's strange that I never imagined myself in the beauty & wellness industry. My bathroom shelf was never full of products, and I believed that skin care was not my thing. This was my attitude back then. When I started working in it, I had a very vague idea of what is to come. I did not even know about things such as building a team! I thought that I will collaborate only with Eliza, as a duo, which looking back at it now it seems hilarious to me. However, I was driven by something powerful – a desire to start a new journey!


In retrospect, I see that these factors contribute to how you build this business and how we can work towards reaching our goals. You need to follow your needs, goals, and dreams, that is the key. At times of crisis or in case of a deadlock, remembering why and for what purpose I am here helped me to survive the storm and go ahead. I would also like to highlight one word – determination. Looking back, I clearly see what features are essential for me to build this business: determination, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, ambition, ability to finish what you start, and love for what you do. Goals alone without commitment and actions will not do much.


You want to ask me what this business has given me? The answer is: so much! Having the ability to adjust the pace of my work and deciding what time of the day I want to devote to my business and to my family. I learned how to find quick solutions without dwelling too much on an issue. This way of thinking helps not only in business, but in all aspects of life. I can see how my thinking has changed and how I have grown in this journey.


In 2017, I did not think of myself as a leader. I would rather avoid crowds and teamwork. At Nu Skin, I learned how to be a leader. And yes, some people are born this way, and some have to learn it. Both ways can give you enormous satisfaction from teamwork. Essentially, this is the most beautiful part of this journey. The ability to share it with others, to help them in finding solutions and complement each other in our leadership adventure. This business proved to me that the more truthful you are to yourself, the closer is the bond that you form with your team. I also learned how to communicate with others in a direct,  honest, and non-judgmental way. . I also understood that not everyone has to be perfect in everything. What’s important is to identify what we’re good at and the qualities that make us special.


Today, feel so much more at ease and a sense of a peace in life. I am myself. I absolutely love what I do. What more could one ask for?


September 2022


"Generating sales compensation as a Brand Affiliate requires considerable time, effort and dedication. Success will also depend upon your skills, talents and leadership abilities. This is not a get rich quick program. There is no guarantee of financial success and results will vary widely among participants. A complete summary of earnings at each level in the Sales Performance Plan can be found at"


*Nu Skin is a for-profit distributor of nutritional and skin care products and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NUS). Nourish the Children is an initiative of Nu Skin and is registered in some states as a commercial co-venture. The initiative enables Nu Skin’s sales force and customers to purchase VitaMeal from Nu Skin and donate it to charitable organizations to help solve the complex world problem of feeding malnourished children. The price of VitaMeal includes the cost of manufacturing, general overhead, distribution and sales. As is the case with other Nu Skin products, our sales force receive compensation and Nu Skin earns a profit margin from the sale of VitaMeal.