Success Is Not a Destination

Success Is Not a Destination



Yanathon and Bhakanundh Thanasom were both busy executives in Thailand prior to joining Nu Skin. Yanathon was a vice president for a leading mutual fund company and Bhakanundh was director of public relations for a five-star hotel. They had very good jobs that paid well, but eventually realized something was missing in their lives.


Their journey with Nu Skin began with Yanathon’s long-time friendship with successful Nu Skin distributor John Iamranond. Initially Yanathon did not think network marketing was for him; he felt his best opportunity for financial success was to work his way to a high position in a large corporation. However, in 2009 both Yanathon and his wife, Bhakanundh, saw that their corporate positions could not give them the time and financial freedom they wanted. An encounter with John made them realize there was a better and smarter way for them to work—they were impressed that he had become a Five Million Dollar Circle Member. Together they decided not to waste any more time, became distributors, and in the beginning worked hard every day on a part-time basis. Part of their strategy was to align their goals with the direction provided by their upline leaders. Yanathon and Bhakanundh always reminded themselves and their team members to “accept no excuses and never give up” as they pursued their dreams.




No Challenge Was Too Difficult for Them


All distributors face challenges as they build their businesses, and Yanathon and Bhakanundh are no exceptions. The month they decided to put full-time effort into growing their team, Thailand was hit with the worst flooding in 50 years. Sixty-five of Thailand’s 77 provinces were declared flood disaster zones. The couple’s own home was one of those affected, making them homeless for two months. They had just begun their push to reach Team Elite, and they decided nothing, not even the flood and the temporary loss of their home, would put a halt to their efforts. They felt their determination to keep going would be an inspiration to their team and to those around them, and prove that “nothing is impossible.” They packed up their clothes and traveled to other provinces in Thailand not affected by the flood. There they encountered people who had no interest in the products or the business, but they refused to give up. Their dedication to their goals resulted in not only their qualification as Team Elite Executives, but also in making them one of the distributorships who had the fastest organizational growth in the Thailand market.


To them, success is more than just a person’s accomplishments—it is inspiring others to be successful and encouraging them to join them in supporting the Force for Good Foundation. Yanathon and Bhakanundh routinely donate 1 percent of their monthly commission to the foundation. “We all have a responsibility to make a difference,” says the couple. “And Nu Skin is the perfect vehicle to allow us to fulfill our mission of serving as a force for good.”


[i] Five Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors in our global markets where we have implemented our global Sales Compensation Plan who have earned over five million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship.  Not all distributors succeed or make money.  Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment.  In 2012, the average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors was $133.92 monthly or $1607.04 annualized.  Less than .01% of distributors have become Million Dollar Circle members.  For a complete summary of distributor compensation paid at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go visit online.  The term “Million Dollar Circle Member” and the average earnings information above are unrelated to our Mainland China business, as we operate under a different business model there.  Individuals from Mainland China are recognized for achieving the Million Circle under that business model.