Actionable Steps Lead To Success

Actionable Steps Lead To Success

Karen and Noel Millers 1-2-2


Karen and Noel Millers had successful careers as bankers prior to joining Nu Skin, but they dreamed of “something more” for themselves and their two daughters. It was Noel who learned about Nu Skin and thought it could be a good opportunity for them; however, Karen was not interested at first. With some encouragement from Noel, Karen researched the company and tried the products, and she was soon in love with both. The couple realized Nu Skin could take them on a new journey that, with hard work, could lead them not only to financial freedom, but also freedom to be with their daughters whenever they wanted.


Karen had a great deal of success acquiring LifePak and Galvanic Spa customers. Then Karen learned from a successful Nu Skin distributor that the business is all about improving people’s lives on many levels. This gave Karen the motivation she needed to change her “business mentality,” and she began focusing on the company’s proven system for success. From her upline leaders she learned how to grow her business, and she also realized that her greatest obstacle in building her business had been her own preconceptions—behavior she learned to overcome so she could reach her goals.


Time for Whatever They Want


Armed with this knowledge and by taking action steps that are proven to help people grow their business, Karen and Noel then became Ruby Executives and finally Blue Diamond Executives. As Karen built their business, she discovered that success meant presenting every aspect of Nu Skin—the products, the culture and the business model. In addition to using Nu Skin’s key success drivers to grow their business, the Millers remain committed to their goals. “There were setbacks for us,” says Noel, “but we just went back into the huddle and rethought what we were doing.”


Today the Millers have built a successful business and have time to enjoy life with their daughters. “We were always worried about the future,” Noel says. “Now we have choices that enable us to do whatever we want, and it’s a wonderful thing.”