What’s Really in Your Water?


Life-sustaining drinking water is as easily available as walking into your kitchen and turning on your tap. But why is this drinking water so important, and is all water equally healthy? There are several complicated answers to these questions, but here we’ll try to make things a bit easier to swallow.


First off, why is water so important? Well, the simplest explanation is because your body is made up of about 60 percent water. Water helps you maintain a healthy balance of body fluids and keep your organs functioning as they should. Imagine taking the gasoline out of your car—you wouldn’t get very far, right? In a very general sense, water is equally important for your body. Without water to keep nutrients moving to where they need to be, your body would not work like it’s supposed to.


But with as big of a job as water has, not just any water will do. What your body really needs is clean, safe water. That means water free of contaminants like sediments, bacteria, and harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, most water available today (yes, even the water in your tap) is far from as clean and safe as you might want. 


That’s where the EcoSphere Water Purifier comes in. With its intelligent four-stage ultra purification technology, the EcoSphere Water Purifier removes up to 99.9999 percent of bacteria and helps support overall wellness by ensuring that your tap water is clean and safe. Drinking clean water gives your body the fluids it needs to stay healthy, and may help energize muscles, keep skin hydrated, and help you maintain normal bowel function. 


So drink water, and just as importantly, drink clean, safe, and healthy water with the help of the EcoSphere Water Purifier.


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