A Tall Glass of EcoSphere Water Purifier Technology

A Tall Glass of EcoSphere Water Purifier Technology


Did you know that your body is composed of about 60 percent water? Yep, the stuff that flows out of the tap and that you (should) drink every day. You probably know how important it is to drink water, but do you know just how clean your tap water really is?


The average home’s tap water can contain microbes, organic contaminants, and even traces of chemicals and pesticides. Do you want you and your family to drink those things every day? We don’t either. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the EcoSphere Water Purifier.


This amazingly innovative device incorporates aspects of both ultrafiltration and ultraviolet sterilization. By utilizing innovative intelligent four-stage ultra purification technology, tap water can be purified of harmful contaminants without having a significant effect on water flow.


Let’s walk through these four stages to give you a better understanding of just how the EcoSphere Water Purifier purifies your tap water.


Stage 1: Polypropylene Pleated Prefiltration

This is the first stage of ultra purification, and its main job is to filter out the biggest and most obvious contaminants that may be in your water. The accordion-shaped, pleated arrangement traps large particulates like dust, sand, and sediment. But because the filter has so much surface area, it can handle a large amount of these materials without getting blocked up. This helps the next steps in the process run smoothly as well.


Stage 2: Compressed Activated Carbon Block

Ask any filtration specialist—all carbon blocks are not made equal. In fact, there are two major ways to create these blocks. One essentially fuses blocks together to create a larger filter. This may seem effective, but even the most skilled manufacturing inevitably leaves small gaps between the original carbon blocks, which hinders the purification process. Contaminants build up in these gaps, water flow is disrupted, and the whole system just isn’t as effective. Our EcoSphere Water Purifier uses Compressed Activated Carbon Blocks that are molded as a whole under enormous pressure and high heat. This helps ensure that water flows through the blocks in a uniform and consistent manner while also maximizing the filter’s ability to remove organic contaminants, chemicals, chlorine, lead, and other particulates.


Stage 3: Polyether Sulfone Membrane

The third stage is a special polyether sulfone (PES) membrane. This dense membrane is filled with microscopic pores ranging from 10nm to 100nm (that’s super tiny). These microscopic pores act as a final line of defense against any miniscule particles that may have found their way through the first two stages. But we still have one more stage to ensure that all water is ultra purified.


Stage 4: Cold Cathode Lamp UV Light

UV light eliminates and kills a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and cysts, making it the perfect final stage of the ultra purification process. Our EcoSphere Water Purifier uses superior UV technology that runs faster, longer, and cooler than typical tungsten lamps used in many devices. As such, our state-of-the-art UV lamp is both more effective than other lamps and does not need to be periodically replaced.


What does all this mean? That thanks to its incredibly innovative technology, our EcoSphere Water Purifier will ensure that any typical tap water comes out clean and safe. But that’s not all.


The device itself is designed to be as easy and convenient as possible. The entire purification process is maintained by a single 3in1 cartridge. This cartridge usually lasts around 12 months, and when it’s time to replace it, the process is literally as easy as twisting the old one out, and then twisting a new one in. 


With incredible technology, easy convenience, and a premium design, our EcoSphere Water Purifier is a real winner among home water filtration devices. Tap into the power of the EcoSphere Water Purifier. Drink healthy with clean, safe water!


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