Health and Fitness

Health and fitness

Improved Health & Wellness with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner

Our BioPhotonic Scanner is a patented, cutting-edge tool that non-invasively measures carotenoid levels in the skin. Click to learn more about an exciting study leveraging the Scanner.



EcoSphere's i4 UltraPure Technology vs. Other Methods

There are many devices that can keep your water clean. However, the EcoSphere Water Purifier differentiates from the rest due to its four-stage technology. 

A Tall Glass of EcoSphere Water Purifier 

Did you know the EcoSphere Water Purifier goes through four different stages to provide you with clean and safe water?

Water Purifier: H20 Facts You Should Know

Men Should drink approximetly 3 liters of water during the day, while women need 2.2 Liters. What are you doing today to ensure you are drinking safe and pure water?

What's Really in Your Water?

Do you know what you're putting in your body? Water may contain bacteria and harmful chemicals. The EcoSphere Water Purifier will help increase your wellness with its purifying properties. 

Amplify Your Growth Opportunities

Staying ahead of the game, EcoSphere Water Purifier incorporates an intelligent 4-stage ultra purification technology comprising of membrane filtrations with ultraviolet light.