Skin Care Experts

Skin Care Experts

To speak with any of the experts listed below, please contact a member of Nu Skin's corporate communications department.

Helen Knaggs

Helen Knaggs, Ph.D.

Vice President, Nu Skin Global Research and Development


Areas of Expertise:

- Global consumer skin care

- Sensory of products

- Skin biology

- Skin care product development

- Skin ethnicity

- Skin care ingredients


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Zoe Diane Draelos, M.D.

Scientific Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

- Anti-aging products

- Cosmetics

- Hair, nail, and skin care

- Skin diseases

- Sun protection


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Molly Wanner, M.D., M.B.A.

Nu Skin Anti-aging Scientific Advisory Board Member



Areas of Expertise:

- Laser and cosmetic dermatology
- Topical cosmetic products
- Fat and cellulite


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Paul Cox, Ph.D.

Ethnobotanist, Scientific Advisor


Areas of Expertise:

- Conservation

- Drug discovery

- Ethnobotany

- Ethnobotanical skin care

- Tropical rain forest


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