Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Truman Hunt
President, Chief Executive Officer

Truman Hunt was appointed president of Nu Skin Enterprises in January 2003, and was named chief executive officer in May 2003. Under his leadership, the company operates in 51 markets, with recent expansion into China, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.


Hunt is focused on the company’s mission to be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products, and an enriching, uplifting culture. Hunt serves on the executive board for the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation.


Prior to his current appointment, Hunt served as vice president and general counsel of Nu Skin Enterprises from 1996 to 2003. He was also named executive vice president of Nu Skin Enterprises in 2001 and served as vice president of Legal Affairs from 1996 to 1998.


Hunt is also active in industry associations, serving as chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) from 2005 to 2008 and member of the USDSA Executive Committee. He currently serves as secretary and member of the WFDSA Operating Group.


Prior to joining Nu Skin Enterprises, he was president and chief executive officer of Better Living Products, Inc., a Nu Skin affiliate involved in the manufacture and distribution of houseware products sold through traditional retail channels. Prior to joining Better Living Products in 1991, he was a securities and business attorney in private practice. Hunt earned a B.S degree from Brigham Young University and a J.D. degree from the University of Utah.

Joe Chang

Joseph Y. Chang, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Development

Joseph Y. Chang, Ph.D., was appointed Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President of Product Development in February 2006. A prolific author, Dr. Chang has published numerous articles, reviews and books on pharmacological research during his more than 20 years in the health care industry, including the New York Times best seller, The Aging Myth. Dr. Chang enjoys a comprehensive knowledge of both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries and serves as a member of the Executive Committee for Nu Skin Enterprises. Prior to joining the company, he served as president and chief scientific officer of Pharmanex, which was acquired by Nu Skin in 1998.


Prior to Pharmanex, Dr. Chang served as both president and chief scientific officer at Binary Therapeutics, Inc. from 1994 to 1997 and at OsteoArthritis Sciences, Inc. from 1991 to 1994. He has also held various executive research management positions at Wyeth-Ayerst, Rhone Poulenc Rorer and other biotechnology companies, where he was involved in researching natural products for arthritis and cancer treatment. He received a B.S. degree from Portsmouth University and a Ph.D. from the University of London. 


Ryan Napierski
President, Global Sales and Operations

Ryan Napierski currently serves as President of Global Sales and Operations. Prior to his current appointment, he has been serving as the President of Nu Skin’s North Asia region and President of Nu Skin Japan. Napierski has also served as President of Nu Skin Japan and as Vice President of Business Development for the North Asia region. He has fulfilled multiple positions for Nu Skin since joining the company in 1995, including a dual role overseeing corporate strategy for the Japan market and acting as Vice President of Global Business Development for Corporate Distributor Success, acting as General Manager for the United Kingdom, Vice President of European Business Development and Key Account Manager for United States executives. Napierski has a bachelor’s degree in business, a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University and a master’s degree in international business from Goethe Universitat in Germany.


Scott E. Schwerdt

President Nu Skin Americas Region

Scott Schwerdt is the President of the Nu Skin Americas Region. Prior to his appointment, Schwerdt served as President of the former Nu Skin Americas, Europe and Pacific Region and President of North America for Nu Skin Enterprises. He also served as Vice President of North America/South Pacific Operations from 1992-1996, and as Vice President of Europe for Nu Skin Enterprises from February 1996 to December 1998. He joined Nu Skin Enterprises in 1988 as a Communications Representative and in December 1989 became Director of Distributor Services. Prior to joining Nu Skin, he was a Senior Resource Manager at the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. from 1984 to 1988. Schwerdt earned a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Brigham Young University.

Ritch Wood

Ritch N. Wood
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ritch Wood became Nu Skin’s Chief Financial Officer in November 2002. Wood previously served in various capacities at Nu Skin including Vice President of Finance, Vice President New Market Development, Director of Finance New Market Development and Division Controller for Pharmanex. He also played a key role in opening many European countries for Nu Skin during an expatriate assignment from 1995 to 1997. Prior to his assignment in Europe, he served as the Assistant Director of International Tax.


Wood worked for the international accounting firm of Grant Thornton prior to joining Nu Skin Enterprises in 1993. Wood earned a B.S. and Master of Accountancy, Taxation emphasis, from Brigham Young University, and in 2010 was named the CFO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine.

Matt Dorny

D. Matthew Dorny
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

D. Matthew Dorny was appointed Vice President and General Counsel for Nu Skin in 2003. From 1998 to 2003, Dorny served as the Assistant General Counsel for Nu Skin Enterprises. Prior to joining Nu Skin Enterprises, Mr. Dorny was a securities and business attorney in private practice. Mr. Dorny received a B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. degree from the University of Utah.