Sergi Moscardo

Sergi Moscardo


Forty-four-years ago, and following the family tradition, I was born "programmed" to be an executive in the pharmaceutical business, and that's exactly what I became. My ambition led me to achieve a high position in an important pharmaceutical company. I learned a lot about multichannel marketing, digital marketing and innovation, however, feeling like what I was doing wasn't contributing at all to a better world led me to become an entrepreneur and to start a few initiatives. But my ideas were part of the 95% of ideas that disappeared after 5 years, in spite of the hope, the effort and the money invested in them.


Two great 25-year-olds introduced me to Nu Skin. After investigating and learning a lot about this opportunity, I decided to partner with the company. After 6 months, I quit my managerial position in the pharmaceutical industry and completely focussed my attention on my Nu Skin business.  


Now, together with my leaders, we focus on two main areas to ensure everyone is positioned for success:

1.      The Nu Skin business model - You have to learn it and be able to develop the skills that help you understand how to create a great organisation.

2.      Nu Skin - The products, the science, the markets, the working system. In short, knowing the base of our business.


In addition, my team and I work constantly towards our personal growth, learning and sharing the insights from Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Harv Eker, Eric Worre, Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins, etc.


And above all, discovering I hold a key to improve the lives of people and generate income really changed everything for me. When you are aware of this, when it's clear in your mind, you start focusing on being able to help as many people as possible.

I've been building my Nu Skin business for a year and a half now. But the one thing I want to highlight the most is, for the first time in my life, success does not only depend on me, and I will only be able to achieve it by helping other people become successful too.


I also believe my success is based on defining my dreams, my future, my objectives and my goals. So this has led me to create a plan based on the word: ACTION. Do not procrastinate, act today and always find a point to improve.