Iveta Sinovitzká & Ladislav Sinovitzký

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Iveta Sinovitzká & Ladislav Sinovitzký


The Sinovitzki couple started their career as employees. Ladislav was an engine-driver and Iveta earned a living as a clerk. Wanting to achieve something more in life, they started their own business in 1989. The couple owned a shop with a luxury sport brand on the main street in Košice. Later on, when their 4 kids grew up, they opened another shop with luxury kids fashion at Hypertesco Košice. Their dream was to offer good quality merchandise at an affordable price. They perfected themselves by visiting textile trade shows. They wanted to differentiate themselves from the rivals, who imitated them in everything. Thanks to books on positive thinking, Nu Skin entered their lives.


The whole project was introduced by a friend in their living room. They were interested in the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner. Later, after they had experienced the positive benefits of Nu Skin’s supplements, they wanted to share it with others as well. They were attracted by Nu Skin´s  status and patents. One month after signing up, they obtained the BioPhotonic Scanner. Ladislav did the scans, meanwhile Iveta swapped with a shop assistant in their two shops. There was no business support in Košice at that time and therefore they were very grateful Janka Jančová joined them. Janka also informed them about their sponsor Marián Kelement, who lives in Prague.


They started to attend events in Bratislava together and later they introduced a business support system with Marian and Janka. After attending an international convention, they bravely decided to say goodbye to their small business despite suppliers’ sanctions and an initial loss of income. They won a clear vision of international business without knowing the language. For them, Nu Skin proved to be a solution of how to become free and gain time for family. Business with Nu Skin offered them the confidence of a powerful brand and they understood how they can create permanent unlimited income. It was the way to secure their future.


The hardest part for them was to listen to advice, follow the system and start over from the beginning as well as to understand, that the personal growth starts at this point. Being alone in Eastern Slovakia helped them to discover the magic of teamwork within Nu Skin. The biggest motivation for them is to become financially independent without time limits, because that is the only way to inspire other people to change their lives. By telling this story, they want to demonstrate, that failures and difficulties have only helped them reach the finish as winners.


The sharing of success in a team brings them the biggest joy. They like to watch how the team members progress in pin titles at international conventions and they are grateful for every single Scanner operator. They analyse their dreams and goals 3 times a day, which creates the right attitude against negative situations. They write down 3 things every day in which they improved and 3 things in which they want to be better in, in the future.


They teach their team members to appreciate the small things and to see everyday situations as a gift as well as to be thankful for everything what happens, because only this helps them to improve. The fact that they began in Košice alone with Janka Jančová and they wanted to show a bigger importance of the business helped them to create and use one magic sentence: “We don’t know the answer yet, but all your questions will be answered at the big event in Bratislava.” This is how the Sinovitzki couple invited people to the project presentation in Bratislava, which is located more than 400 km away from Košice. They are in daily contact with their team members and together they enjoy even small success.


From their first day working with Nu Skin, they kept asking what they should do to become a Team Elite. Today, they ask whom they have to become to become a Team Elite. Nu Skin is not just a journey for them, it is a lifestyle. It is the only way they could change their lives and help others to do so too.