Handan Lewis

Handan Lewis


I have a background is skin care, which is how I came across Nu Skin. At this time, I owned a very busy beauty salon. Working long unsociable hours, this naturally meant that I had less time with my family and often missed out on special events that no mother should have to miss out on as their children grow up.


After taking a hard look at what I was doing, I realised that no matter how many hours I put into my salon, it would never offer me the money and lifestyle I aspired to have. Something had to change or this would be the story of my life and would be as good as it would ever get.


In January 2015, I decided to commit to building the Nu Skin business on a daily basis around my already very busy life but it was worth it. From the minute I committed to Nu Skin, it took me only 6 months of working hard part time to double the income I was making at my salon full time.


In July 2015, I shut the doors on my salon for the last time and was free to build this amazing business full time from home around my family commitments. I am always there now to give my son a hug when he gets home from school, help him with his homework and never miss out on those special moments.


The most rewarding part of being a leader in this business is that the more you help others achieve, the more successful you will become. You get to touch people’s lives in such magical ways and the sense of satisfaction I get from this is immense. I love watching our team hit their goals and quit their 9-5 jobs, watching how monthly commission payments are making lives better. I thrive working with these motivated, driven people and love it that my extended family is growing almost on a daily basis. Both Bryn and I have plans to travel in the future and we are so excited and grateful for everything that is to come. Nu Skin has given us the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection allowing us to live life on our own terms.