Carina Lowies Vorster

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Carina and Lowies Vorster


Lowies and I both tried different businesses, we worked for bosses, owned franchises and 7 years ago we opened our own business in the health & wellness industry.  Although we have some degree of success in this business, we need to work very hard and very long hours to make it work. Even then, we have very little to show for it.


In this time trying to keep things afloat, I lost out on a lot of special moments with my 18 year old daughter that I will never have back and I was busy losing my best friend and husband too.  We had to make a drastic shift in our lives to change this.


In February 2015, a very good friend of mine invited my daughter, my husband and I to the Nu Start event.  We were very impressed.  We never knew that Nu Skin was so big.  We saw my friend’s success and what they have accomplished since they joined Nu Skin. 


My daughter insisted on us going to the next business briefing. Thanks to her, I saw an opportunity that I could not let go by.  We started immediately.  March 2015 was our first month with Nu Skin.  We are very driven by targets and goals. So we made it our goal to go on the 2016 EMEA Success Trip in Miami and we did!  What an incredible experience!


It was not plain sailing to get to Ruby. Our minds were playing games with us, giving us all the reasons we should quit.  But we never missed Nu Skin’s meetings, training or business briefings. This kept us going and we also teach this to our team!  We were not good at this in the beginning but we started giving ourselves daily targets. Now we MUST show and speak to a minimum of two people a day, as this makes our targets possible.


Nu Skin has been a great journey so far and our lives changed in a great way. Not just for us, but also for the special people in our team. In April 2016, we stopped selling our time for money. We only oversee the two Health Clinics and we are now doing Nu Skin full time. I spend quality time with my husband and daughter who are also doing the business with us now.  Thank you Nu Skin!