Svetlana Mikhailova

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Svetlana Mikhailova


I made the decision to join Nu Skin after attending the Glenn Cheney lecture “Insight into Pharmanex”.  After hearing about healthy lifestyles and discovering the high quality products on offer, I became inspired by the opportunity to help both myself and others.


Nu Skin changes people’s lives. My favourite sponsor, Inna Shybnikova’s words have become a prophecy: “The people will start looking for you by themselves.”

The company also promotes family values. My daughter and I have been invited to every major corporate event. During the last five years, my daughter has witnessed the love, care and reliability of the company.


In the spring of 2015, she joined Nu Skin. Nu Skin uses innovative approach to everything. I am really fascinated to see our bright future. I have a great desire to let as many people as possible know about the company. And I know that this desire will be well rewarded.