Miriam Benz

Miriam Benz


It was in January 2015 when our phone was ringing showing an unknown number. Thinking it was one of these annoying advertising calls that I had to reject after my busy day at work, I picked up the receiver.

And this call changed our life since the past 6 months – for the better.

We are a family with three kids (15, 14, and 11 years old) and one foster son who had just moved out. My husband works at the post office, and I have a part-time job in a paediatrician’s office. Furthermore, I am already involved in a network marketing business and the chairlady of the local youth brass band. Playing the lead trumpet in two brass bands, I actually had no time to build a business. I had a tight, well-structured schedule.

When my sponsor came to Switzerland and introduced us to the ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II, we became very excited after seeing the results.

I did not think of building a business in the beginning. I have just told everyone around me about it and offered applications, and the foundation was laid. I achieved the Executive status in February, and managed to maintain my status in March, plus having one Executive on my first line while developing another new Executive. Wow, did it work! Now, everyone is excited, especially me. I have no idea what happened in the past 3 months. I cannot even explain how my excitement and actions in this business could take me that far. My sponsor called me, I received recognition pins, and I was very surprised and delighted. I got the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner and today, I am working primarily with the Scanner and the ageLOC Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System II. I have simply continued offering sessions, shared my excitement and thus achieved Lapis in April and Ruby in June. With my Lapis qualification, I began to develop wishes, dreams, and one goal: Miami is within reach.

Thanks to Nu Skin, my field of vision has enlarged enormously. Nu Skin has given us hope for a secure future and revived dreams that were hidden deep inside me. What if I had not picked up the phone? I must not think about that…

It will all happen at the right time, you just have to believe. Strangers become friends.


I would like to thank the best sponsor and the best upline and downline for their trust, their help, for listening to me, and for helping me with words and deeds.


Miriam Benz and family