Emma Carpenter

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Emma Carpenter


The biggest change I have experienced since starting the business is in the quality of my life. I previously had another successful business where I earned good money but it took all my time. In my opinion, you can earn all the money in the world, but if you have no time to enjoy it and spend time with your loved ones, then you have an imbalance and lack quality of life.


Once I had built a stable organisation, I was able to let my other business go and focus my efforts on my Nu Skin business. Building a business with Nu Skin does not only give you more freedom; it also changes you as a person. I never dreamed of being able to speak in public or be on stage but as I have developed my business, I have also developed as a person, grown in confidence and I now feel I have the ability to continually push myself out of my comfort zone. This opportunity can teach you to be the best version of you.


Working with Nu Skin has also taught me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I have always loved the quote 'dream, believe, achieve' – this opportunity can give you what you dream of if you believe in yourself, the company, the products and are willing to put the hard work in to build your organisation.


In addition, I have learned that everyone is different! Within the business we need our customers, Distributors, and business partners. The same with people that join your organisation - some people’s goals will be bigger than others; you cannot make people do more than what they want to do. The world would be boring if we were all the same!


I am currently 9 months pregnant, and I have been building my business throughout my whole pregnancy to give me the freedom to be able to spend as much time as I want with my new arrival when he/she arrives. With my previous business, I would have needed to go straight back to work. Now, we have the ultimate flexibility and I am able to have a great work/family life balance. As a family, this is really important to us and as a mum-to-be, this is invaluable to me.


My long term goal is to have a large family, live in a beautiful home in the countryside, travel the world and empower as many people as possible with our opportunity. Especially to show women, they do not need to make a choice between career and babies – we really can have it all!


There is nothing that I would change now about my life! I love it, and I am grateful for everything I have.