Cynthia & Sebastian

Cynthia & Sébastien


Cynthia and Sébastien owned a gym. For more than 13 years, Sébastien worked hard to keep his business running. However, day after day, stress, exhaustion and fear of the future in a context of economic crisis kept piling up. On her side, Cynthia was in charge of all the administrative work of the company, while taking care of their 5 kids and the house. And she was also working part time at her mom's clock company. Together, they were taking care of every single aspect of being self-employed, from cleaning to customer relations.


One of their goals has always been to support people and help them stay healthy. When the gym masseuse introduced them to Nu Skin and, most of all, to Pharmanex, they were impressed by the quality of the supplements and they saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves. They decided to become a gym which would guide people on the path to healthy ageing.  They needed the BioPhotonic Scanner to achieve this, and they qualified for it very quickly. In the beginning, they were only interested in consuming and selling supplements.


But after a Success Summit in Barcelona during which they met a renowned leader, Stephen Kushturian, they finally understood that Nu Skin and its compensation plan were a true life opportunity. They envisioned what could be achieved, and it was limitless! One thing became very clear in both their heart and mind – they would never get the quality of life and financial freedom they were aspiring for with their gym. But with Nu Skin, they knew they could, and this thought finally set them free.


Their biggest motivation is their 5 children. They invested a lot of time and energy into their gym, hoping that one day it would grant them the freedom they wanted, but the exact opposite happened.  Nowadays, they want to work hard but smart, in order to offer their children better living standards, an education and another way of life and success.  They still haven't reached the level of freedom they are aiming for, but they are experiencing more calm and serenity now that they are building their own freedom.


Each day brings its share of struggles and challenges, but it's all about your state of mind. In the end, those challenges are the tools that allow you to enhance your way of being and thinking. As long as you hold tight to your dreams, no challenges can stop you. You can only transform your fears through action. When Cynthia and Sebastian experience failure, they don’t give up – they keep reaching to new people, over and over again, to find the ones who are waiting for success and life changes. Fighting for your dream life on a daily basis is a unique challenge. It all depends on you. The most precious gift Nu Skin gives us is the possibility for change and self-improvement. To build your own freedom while being a force for good and positively affecting the life of others around you with great products is a unique opportunity.


What motivates them every day is the positive impact they can have on the life of both strangers and teammates. They rejoice in guiding them on the path to success and being the pillar they need, thanks to their energy, enthusiasm and strength.


Nu Skin is a wonderful learning journey, where the size of your heart, the number of people you help and the good you do around you are what make you truly successful.