Adrienn & Gábor

Adrienn & Gábor


I was born in Hungary and became an entrepreneur at the age of 18: I was the owner of a fitness club. Sports and a healthy lifestyle have always been very important to me.

In 2008, one of my old employees mentioned the Nu Skin business opportunity, but since I had decided to move to Ireland at the time I was not interested. In 2009, I met my husband Gábor in Ireland. He was also Hungarian.


In Ireland, I worked as an employee responsible for running two fitness clubs. After 2 years, I came to the realisation that working 10 to 12 hours a day for someone else’s dreams was not really my thing. So in 2010 when I started looking for opportunities, I contacted Regina, my old fitness instructor and asked her to tell me what the Nu Skin business was about as I could see how successful she and her partner were.


They invited me to a 3-day event in Hungary and that is when I realised what a great opportunity this really was. However, I did not find anyone in Ireland who did business building seriously and I did not think I was strong enough to start working all by myself in a completely “untouched” market. I started using the products but not building the business.


In 2012, my life had another turning point, so my husband and I decided that I would quit my job and start doing something that would make me happy. It was not hard to decide what to do. I immediately knew it was time for me to start building my business as I had long been in love with the company by using its products.


First I began work in Ireland, but when my sponsors decided they wanted to boost the Polish market, we said we definitely wanted to be part of this fantastic opportunity.


We have been married for 4 years, but spent 2 out of this in a long distance relationship, since as of summer 2013; I have been completely dedicated to the Polish market. Without knowing anyone in the country, without actually speaking Polish, I now am the leader of a fantastic Polish team and we aim to boost the Polish market.


Meanwhile, I have my husband’s support and he also uses the products with great delight. He did the TR90 Programme twice, lost 26 kilos, does sports on a regular basis, eats a lot healthier. So I can say that via Nu Skin, I got myself a new husband.


Thanks to the goals we have achieved so far in our Nu Skin business, my husband decided to also move to Poland this October. So at the Global Convention, we will not only celebrate our and everyone else’s success, but the beginning of our joint Nu Skin life with my husband.