Wimol Bovermann

Wimol Bovermann


I grew up poor in Thailand. To be able to study at college, my mother had to support me while I combined college with earning extra money doing several jobs.


I am now married and have been living in Germany since 2009. I worked in a photo shop for 5 years until I started missing the fun in doing it.


That’s when I decided to look for something else, something fun that offered a challenge. It wasn’t easy, because my school qualifications from Thailand were not recognised in Germany, and the language still caused me difficulties. This was the reason why I did not find the job of my dreams.


In August 2013, I met my sponsor on Facebook, Sasitorn Mäkeläinen. She introduced me to Nu Skin. I remember that I was very sceptical and wondered how one could earn money with this multi-level marketing system at all. However, my curiosity grew. Sasitorn Mäkeläinen lived the life I wanted, too: having fun while doing your job, no fixed working hours and being your own boss. In November 2013, I decided to quit my job in the photo shop to realise my dream with Nu Skin.


Since 01 January, 2014, I am working full-time for my Nu Skin business. I never imagined being able to earn so much money with this business. But at Nu Skin, you can achieve so much more if you believe that you will succeed and if you work hard. I met many new people around the world thanks to Nu Skin. Imagine that! A normal woman that used to be afraid of talking to people she didn’t know, and now she enjoys establishing new contacts with her new found self-confidence. Today, I am more independent and dedicated because of my Nu Skin business. What I like most is the fact that with Nu Skin, everyone has the same chances, no matter where you are from or what educational background you have. The only thing you should like is to contact people and to work within a team, because passion is the most important thing for a successful business.


One of my keys to success is that I always stay in contact with my Distributors and be there if they have questions or need help.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone – my sponsor, downline and everyone who I work with. All of them contributed to my success and helped me to reach my Diamond title. I thank you for the great time, and I hope to continue our journey together to achieve our goals.


Remember: “You have no idea what you are capable of until you try.”


Wimol Bovermann