Marna Dedekind

Marna Dedekind

Marna Dedekind

I could never have imagined myself standing in the position where I am currently. I started this business with a 5 year goal in mind. I wanted to gradually build this business to be earning an additional part time income. To my amazement, I reached that goal after the first 6 months of doing the business on a part time basis. This motivated me to set even bigger goals.


I was consistent in my effort and set myself realistic weekly goals. The motivation of my uplines was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of my journey from Distributor through to Emerald.


After being on the Ruby Trip in March 2014, I realised that the effort that you put in is directly linked to the success of your business and that you just need to follow the system. You don’t need to be special, you just need to be passionate. I met a lot of different people on the trip who all shared the following crucial characteristics: Passion and Belief.


“To be a successful person you have to believe with such a passion that it becomes a reality”


I have faced a lot of challenges in my Nu Skin career, but the thought of quitting never crossed my mind. I consistently remind myself: Why did you start? Success is connected with action and we need to keep moving. We will make mistakes and we will be discouraged, but we must just never quit.


I’m so grateful for being given this opportunity. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed my business and I give all the glory to Him.