Run for Malawi

Run For Malawi Challenge

We wish to thank all our Distributors, customers and employees for participating in the Run for Malawi Challenge.  Your determination puts a smile on the faces of more than 200 Malawian children. Together, you ran an incredible 52,833 KM enabling Nu SkinĀ® EMEA to donate funds to the Nu Skin Force for Good FoundationĀ® to finance the following projects:

Target 1: 2,000 km - Books for Library
Target 2: 4,000 km - Livestock for Family
Target 3: 10,000 km - Treadle Irrigation Pump
Target 4: 20,000 km- One-Year Scholarship for a Student
Target 5: 30,000 km - Village Well and Pump
Target 6: 40,000 km - Playground for the Mtalimanja Village Day Care Centre

Congratulations to our top five runners:

1. Inger Agnar Andersson, Sweden
2. Alfred Klimesch, Germany
3. Nina Miljan, Norway  
4. Gabor Zsiga, Hungary
5. Hartmut Kreusch, Germany

Get ready for our new challenge, coming on 01 April, 2011, to support the Ukrainian TOUCH Project. More information coming soon.