Japan Relief

Japan Relief


Dear Friends,
This message is to update you on the status of the Nu Skin’s efforts to provide relief to those in Japan suffering from the impact of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami, as well as the resulting radiation emanating from the Fukushima nuclear energy plant.

The good news first—immediately following the earthquake, we sent out a plea for support in raising 100 million yen for the relief efforts by the end of March. Not surprisingly, the Nu Skin family responded with tremendous generosity and we sailed past our initial goal. I offer my sincere gratitude to those who so generously responded to this call for help. We were pleased to provide the funds to local municipalities that were severely impacted by the natural disasters.

You may also be interested in a brief report on our Japanese friends and colleagues, as well as the status of our local operations. About 10 percent of our 9,500 executives and more than 200,000 active distributors in Japan live in the most impacted region of Sendai/Tohoku. The natural disasters took a horrific toll in this area and we have been able to confirm that 33 executive distributors have been displaced from their homes entirely, while another 60 executives suffered significant damage to their homes. Much to our great regret, 2 executives lost their lives in the tsunami. And despite our best efforts, at this point we have been unable to contact another 90 executives. Of course many more distributors, customers and their family members suffered significant loss in the disasters.

There are many within the Nu Skin family suffering from great loss. Yet, in the midst of the tragedies, there are numerous examples of Nu Skin leaders who have stepped up to help relieve the suffering of not only their families and friends, but also the larger community of people suffering from the effects of the disasters. For example, one of the “Fukushima 50,” the dedicated heroes feverishly working to contain the radiation emanating from the nuclear power plant, is a Nu Skin executive distributor. He volunteered to go back to the plant despite the dangers he knew were present.

Another remarkable example is a faithful Nu Skin executive distributor who, to conserve fuel for the greater need, makes deliveries of LifePak throughout her city by bicycle. She travels as far as 30 kilometers to make a single delivery to her appreciative customers, who because of her faithfulness have become customers for life. I have also spoken with several Team Elite leaders who have made trips into the impacted areas to support their downline organizations to provide as much relief and supplies as possible.

I am also very proud of the tireless efforts of our Nu Skin Japan management and the entire employee team – they have been phenomenal. The rolling blackouts, lack of fuel and overall stressfulness of the situation has not been easy on those trying to commute to the office and keep operations running smoothly. With the incredible dedication of our staff and leaders in Japan we suffered very little down time operationally. Our office hours have been reduced to leave more time for commuting, but Nu Skin Japan is up and running, with product being shipping throughout Japan, except into the Tohoku region where shipping companies are not yet making deliveries.

Business results take a back seat at times like this. But it is astounding to me that despite March’s natural disasters, March was the single largest revenue month in Nu Skin Enterprises’ 27 year history! And the first quarter was by far the largest first quarter ever. We are well on track to have yet another record year. This is truly a testament to the power of Nu Skin distributor leaders and the great hope and opportunity we bring to people.   

Nu Skin is obviously not a government agency. Nor are we a humanitarian relief organization or religious organization. But we are something — something very important — we are a family. And family members help each other in moments of need. That is why I am pleased to tell you about a one-month donation matching program that will augment the value of your contributions. For every dollar donated by a Nu Skin distributor to assist with the Japan earthquake relief efforts between April 15 and May 15, the Nu Skin corporate staff around the world will match each dollar 1-to-1. Contributions can be made to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation (a non-profit charity) in the following ways:

1) Online at our Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Giving page. 

You may contribute via international credit card

2) Through the Customer Service or your concept store, by using this Item number: 97136451* 

We have more than 850,000 distributors globally, and only 5,000 corporate staff members. But we want to leverage the value of your contributions so we can do our best to maximize our collective support to Nu Skin distributors in Japan impacted by the recent natural disasters. So go ahead, put us to the test!

On behalf of those suffering, and on behalf of Nu Skin Enterprises, I offer my sincere gratitude for your generosity. It is truly on honor to be associated with this great effort and with a group of people who are the most amazing collection of goodness in the world.

Truman Hunt 

Truman Hunt

*This option is not available in Israel, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and Ukraine.