German Day Care Center

Nu Skin Germany Child Day Care Centre

At the end of 2007, German leaders decided to work together for the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation®. Amongst other activities, they sold food and beverages at the Germany Anniversary Event in November 2007 and achieved an outstanding total of US$10,000 to support education in Malawi.

Thanks to this donation to the Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation®, a library and day care centre was built at the Mtalimanja Village, Malawi, also known as the Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation® “Build a Village” project.

The Nu Skin Germany Child Day Care Centre welcomes up to 130 children while their parents are being trained in numerous disciplines including farming, carpentry and fishing.

The Nu Skin Force For Good Foundation® will provide additional funding to buy books and computers, as well as a professional teacher who will act as both a librarian and a teacher for the children.

The activities at the day care centre will include arts and crafts, rhymes, songs and interactive book readings for the children, as well as book reviews with tips for adults.

Thanks to your contribution, we can make a difference in the lives of the Malawian people not just for a season or a year, but for generations to come.