Force For Good - South Africa 2016



Life is about taking action and hence the saying goes: Actions speak louder than words.

Indeed, this little word packs a powerful punch. It’s the catalyst for change, the key to progress and ultimately the symbol of commitment.


Nowhere is the result of action more evident as with the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. Actioned is captured in its DNA and built on the foundation of hard work, commitment and passion. In specific its defined by its actions that strive to improve the lives of children by offering hope for a life free from disease, illiteracy, and poverty.


To entrench the culture towards social change Nu Skin Enterprises encourages the employees of each market to support projects in their local communities. As with any project the sum is greater than the sum of its parts and its only when we hold hands while giving a hand that we can achieve a greater net result. This years’ Nu Skin South Africa's Force for Good initiative plans to do exactly that.