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Together, we are on course to reach a new milestone — more than $2 billion in annual revenue. And as you know, record-breaking revenue means record-breaking commissions and even greater opportunities to improve people's lives with rewarding business opportunities, innovative products and our enriching and uplifting culture.

As we push forward and grow, launching new business renewal opportunities through our ageLOC science based products we also draw the attention from those that see the value in our science based approach and are interested to benefit from it. We are revolutionizing the nutrition and personal care industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions. Nu Skins proprietary ageLOC science holds the key to returning your mind and body to youthful harmony, it simply stands apart from the competition.

We also constantly seek ways to further enhance your business opportunity platform and I'm therefore very pleased to announce that on October 2, 2012 the Blue Bulls and Nu Skin South Africa signed a sponsorship agreement - please see the press release.

We can fully understand your excitement as this is yet another confirmation that Nu Skin is a serious player in the South African market. A word of caution is necessary though as these kind of partnerships come with responsibilities and rules that need to be respected. Nu Skin will supply you slides that have been approved by the Blue Bulls that can be used in Business presentations – no other slides or any written material can be made other than what Nu Skin supplies you with. Doing so can jeopardize our relationship with the Blue Bulls and violations will be dealt with accordingly. Thank you in advance for your understanding with regards to this sensitive matter.

And stay tuned, there will be Blue Bulls incentives coming your way to celebrate your success! For now, focus on the upcoming Limited Time Offer (LTO) with ageLOC True Face Essence Ultra. Use this great opportunity to prepare and build your distribution network, the larger you build it now and in the months following the LTO the more you will enjoy the rewards when the product is fully launched. Don't wait, use the exclusivity factor to your full advantage.




Drl. Org Strauss - Testimonial


I have been using the Nu Skin products for the past 30 days and I have experienced a great improvement in everyday energy, performance and general wellbeing.

I am using lifepak nano, Cordymax, Overdrive and g3 juice.

I have more energy during the day, I also have no sinusitis problems or hay fever which I experienced in previous years.

My personal best times on certain running activities has improved a lot the last couple of weeks.

Being a medical doctor myself I have knowledge of different kinds of health products and Nu Skin has blown me away.

My antioxidant score has improved from 14 000 to 27 000 in 30 days.

I can recommend these products to anyone who is serious about their health with great confidence.


Dr. Org Strauss

Blue Bulls Team Doctor/Sports Physician