Wei Feng

Wei Feng was introduced to Nu Skin in 2007 by Jennifer.


For 15 years Wei Feng had worked as a product strategic manager for one of Silicon Valley’s largest software companies, after graduating from college in Beijing and receiving her MBA/MIS from Carnegie Melon University. Her job was demanding, leaving her little time for her two young children—or even to get enough sleep. She decided to become a Nu Skin customer, and then, encouraged by Jennifer and her upline leaders, attended Nu Skin’s global convention later that year—a decision that changed her life.


Wei Feng was impressed by everything she saw at the convention. “I wanted to be part of this force for good culture, share the products and the business, and, at the same time, achieve time and financial freedom,” she says. Motivated by her children and a desire to be a better person, she worked hard at acquiring customers and team members.


Once she became a Ruby Executive, Wei Feng was confident she could be successful. She is grateful to Jennifer for sharing Nu Skin with her, to Hailing who is a true leader with great vision, dedication and action, as well as to many others who have helped her. She says those leaders and team’s energy and devotion are with her every day, and that it is an honor to share her journey with them. She feels it is crucial to follow the company’s business strategies to be successful, and she views leadership as service.


Wei Feng is now a Nourish the Children Chief Ambassador and loves the fact Nu Skin is teaching her children how to serve others. Her son wants to use money he has earned to purchase and donate VitaMeal, and her daughter recently asked friends and family members to purchase and donate a bag of VitaMeal instead of buying her a birthday present.