Phyllis & Danny Yiu

Phyllis Yiu was a new immigrant to Canada, helping her husband run the family business and caring for her two children, and when she was introduced to Nu Skin she saw an opportunity to build an international business. She liked the fact she could start with a minimal expense as compared to the large amounts often required to begin other businesses.


“I was very excited when I became a Ruby Executive,” Phyllis remembers. “When I became a Blue Diamond Executive, it felt unreal … I couldn’t believe that I reached my goal!” Once Phyllis became a Team Elite Executive, she knew she had the responsibility to become a leader and help her team reach that same level of success. Attending the Team Elite trip was very touching as well as educational for her, and increased her belief in the company and herself and helped her understand her goals more clearly.


To help her team reach their goals, Phyllis has specific advice: Keep learning; trust in the company and your upline; work hard; encourage your downlines to qualify for success trips; help your downlines set goals and set goals for yourself; and encourage your team to attend all company meetings. She has also learned that leadership is knowing how to motivate people, training your team, leading business discussions and providing positive energy.


As a successful leader today, Phyllis says she has grown personally—from her self-esteem to her communication skills. She has been able to follow her dreams and take care of others more effectively, and she appreciates the fact she can work with people from different backgrounds who share her values and goals. To build a strong organization, she feels it is most important to be honest, have integrity and help one another. “Success is not an individual thing, it’s a team thing,” she says.