Laura Kall & Mitchell Felton

Laura Kall Felton literally went from college graduation to Nu Skin. In fact, building a Nu Skin business was her first “real” career. She had, however, created her own sweatshirt business while in college, and when friends began selling the sweatshirts at other colleges, she experienced the power of leveraged income. After attending a business presentation with her parents (who were already Nu Skin distributors) she signed up.


Laura’s initial motivation was the Blue Diamond necklace; Laura knew she had to find 12 Executives to qualify for this reward. She was also motivated because she wanted a career that would allow her to be both a full-time mother and a successful business woman. Laura took immediate action, stayed connected to other leaders, and learned from them. She became the youngest Blue Diamond and Team Elite Executive in Nu Skin history at the time.


One of the things Laura loves about Nu Skin is the fact it can provide you with the financial freedom to deal with life’s challenges. “Shortly after my parents joined Nu Skin, my mom had a recurrence of breast cancer,” says Laura. “Thanks to this business, my parents were able to put everything aside so they could concentrate on my mom’s health.”


Laura says she is always in “prospecting mode,” an attitude that helps to motivate her entire organization. “I learned early on in my business that people will do what you do … you set the bar for your group,” she says. “This business is much like planting seeds,” she adds. “Some of your seeds come up right away and others take months or years before they blossom.”


As Nourish the Children Chief Ambassadors, Laura and her husband, Mitchell Felton, whom she met while prospecting, feel very blessed to have their Nu Skin business and the opportunity to help children in need around the world.