Eriko Sugawara

Eriko Sugawara from Edmonds, Washington, always had a desire to prove herself as a leader and businesswoman. She married and had her first son at a young age, and although she loved being a wife and mother, professional success beckoned to her. Nu Skin presented a chance for her to be part of a business that had no ceiling. She also liked the idea of being her own boss and controlling her future. She says her motivation came from within—she set goals and held herself accountable for reaching those goals. She ignored negative comments and setbacks she encountered, and kept her focus on what she wanted to achieve.


Eriko says one of her favorite memories when she was just starting her business is the day she received a check in the mail and the notification that she’d reached Ruby. This motivated her to reach Blue Diamond, and when she reached that title, she set her sights on becoming a Team Elite Executive. “When I reached Team Elite, I felt great, but as always, I wanted to strengthen and grow my business as well as teach and inspire others,” she says. Eriko has created a business-building system that is simple and easy to duplicate. When working with a new distributor, she determines the goal the person wants to achieve, then helps him or her create a timeline and specific goals to strive for each day.


In addition to the financial freedom Eriko and her family now enjoy, she says she has experienced personal growth. “I’ve learned something from each and every person that I’ve come in contact with through this business,” she says. “I’ve learned to see all sides of a story and a person, which has made me a better person in all ways.”