Dennis & Georgia Clifton

When they first joined Nu Skin, Dennis and Georgia Clifton from Reno, Nevada, were drawn to the powerful income potential the company offers. At the time, Dennis was in a doctoral program in Adult Education and also taught courses in film production, while producing documentary TV programs and films. As the Cliftons built their Nu Skin business, they saw how people’s lifestyles improved and the opportunity to enjoy time freedom became even more important to them than having a sizeable income.


The Cliftons approached their new venture with confidence, consistency, and an “unstoppable” attitude. As they retailed product and recruited new business partners, their organization grew and they earned many rewards. But they realized the real thrill of success came from watching people in their downline reach their own milestones. Dennis and Georgia believe it’s important to be engaged in their team members’ lives and conversations so they can gauge their individual strengths and weaknesses. “We don’t train our downline in systems,” the Cliftons say, “but in personal responsibility and power. Sponsoring is a process of positioning yourself to discover what others really want-then showing them how to get it.”


Dennis and Georgia knew they would reach their Nu Skin goals when they attended their second international convention and saw members of their team walk across the stage as executives. Today, as successful Team Elite executives, the Cliftons say they have gained “lifetime experience, lifetime relationships, and lifetime opportunity.” They know firsthand that Nu Skin has the power to change lives and encourage everyone they introduce to Nu Skin to remember that “words have extraordinary power and influence—choose them carefully and release them with humility and conviction.”  By empowering others to reach their goals, Dennis and Georgia continue to build a lifetime of success.