Atsumi & Mauricia Kajita

Atsumi Kajita came to the United States with $500 in his pocket and a determination to be successful. He started out as a street vendor in Berkeley in 1973, and after16 years, managed to build a successful business with 29 gift stores which cater to Japanese tourists along the Pacific Rim. Sadly, he lost everything and ended up deep in debt when the Japanese economy crashed in 1992. When he was introduced to Nu Skin, Atsumi felt he could recapture his American dream. This time, he was able to create a business that gave him the possibility of financial freedom without the worry of inventory, overhead costs, or the headaches that can come with a traditional business.


When Atsumi began his Nu Skin business, he would tell himself that people were waiting for his call, that they needed him and the information he would share with them. He was supported by many in his uplines, downlines, and sidelines, and still receives guidance and encouragement from them. Atsumi has built a thriving business because he uses the products and loves sharing them with others. He says it’s important to find people who will do the same, and you must help to educate them. Challenges do not upset him, because he believes everything happens for a reason. He believes it’s up to him to “polish” his life spiritually and mentally through this life training.


For Atsumi and his wife, Mauricia, their Nu Skin business has provided them with one of their greatest assets: a wonderful network of friends from all over the world. They also appreciate the fact that they are helping other people to be healthier, younger-looking, and happier. But most importantly, they take advantage of the opportunity to purchase and donate Vitameal through the Nourish the Children initiative in order to make the world a better place.