Viet Hung Le

Viet Hung Le


Upon his arrival in in the United States, Viet Hung Le began his new life as an apprentice to a carpenter for a local nail supply chain. His dedication to his craft and unmatched work ethic quickly prompted advancement within the company. His achievements provided him with increased responsibility and the important task of managing a small team. Despite this personal growth, the hours grew increasingly demanding and Viet Hung soon found himself entrenched in a grueling schedule. Grateful for the experience, yet mired and tired by work obligations, Viet Hung determined it was time to pursue his dream of running his own enterprise.


With gumption and grit, Viet Hung set out to start his own business. His various ventures, from owning a convenience store to operating a pho restaurant, while profitable, proved to be just as time-consuming as his previous profession. Each new endeavor failed to offer any real chance of balancing work and his personal life.


Humbled after these successive life lessons, Viet Hung finally resolved to find a new career that would offer leverage and more time for his family. Fortune smiled upon this industrious young man when one of his wife’s dear friends, Linh Nguyen, broached the subject of Nu Skin.


Seeking to witness the company’s culture firsthand, Viet Hung traveled to corporate headquarters to investigate more thoroughly. “It was the single greatest decision I have ever made in my life. All this time I had been trading my years and health for a modest income. And with Nu Skin, I finally found a more efficient and rewarding way to do business.”


Since joining the business, Viet Hung has sought out counsel from the top leaders in his team to gain greater perspective on direct selling and instruction in the nuances of building a successful organization. Encouraged and empowered by his incredible team, Viet Hung exclaims “Our team is everything to me now. The love, the care, the assistance they give me is immeasurable.  I know for a fact that I could not find this atmosphere of benevolence and support anywhere else. We’re all in this together now and there’s no place I’d rather be!”