Veronica Bahn



After seventeen years with a rewarding position as an independent sales representative, Veronica Bahn believed she and her husband was mere years away from an early retirement. Everything changed when she abruptly found herself unemployed, her company upended by the financial crisis of 2008. During this period of reflection and rebuilding, Veronica pondered her next step. It was in the midst of this dilemma that she discovered Nu Skin.


Through an associate she hadn’t spoken with in twenty-five years, Veronica was introduced to the opportunity and product offerings. Immediately impressed, she signed up as a business builder the following day. “I had found what I was looking for. A business I can carry on my back, one that grants flexibility to be an active mother and wife, a venture that runs 24/7, and the ability to dust our dreams off and believe in our personal power once again. The fact that I get to experience all that while building a business with similarly aligned professionals, in a deep, enriching culture, is frankly overwhelming.”


Along the way, Veronica has learned valuable lessons as she has constructed her team and built a bustling organization. Regular challenges and obstacles paved way to frequent opportunities to grow personally and learn from her up line leaders.  “Humility is my favorite word now. I was routinely humbled as I began the business. At the start, I felt that I didn’t need to grow personally or set firm goals – just let me do my thing and I would get results. Today I am glad to report that my stance has changed and I have learned the crucial lesson that gumption alone isn’t enough to attain success. You need a plan and you must leverage the experience of your up lines. You aren’t in this by yourself, so why try to tackle it that way?”


Through the education provided by her partners, Veronica has adopted several behaviors that have made her journey more successful.  Key among them are committing to attending distributor and corporate events with prospects, holding consistent in-home meetings, and continually asking questions of her leaders and the company. These determined actions have helped her to qualify for multiple Success Trips, including the upcoming Punta Cana excursion. “These trips are attainable to anyone with commitment to hard work. If you are persistent in your vision, you will find fulfillment throughout your quest for success.”


Veronica keeps moving forward by concentrating on the end result and the chance to change the lives of countless others, including her own. “It’s really the amazing people who say ‘yes’ and allow me to lock arms with them, mentoring them on our shared journey that keeps me focused these days. I am helping shape lifestyles and destinies not only for my own family, but for countless others on my team and those who will one day join us.”