Unyoung Sullivan




Facing a life-long challenge of managing an autoimmune disorder, Unyoung Sullivan has grappled with managing her health ever since she was born. Throughout her life, she has tried numerous methods to foster a healthier lifestyle as a buffer against the symptoms that plague her. When a retired physician she knew recommended she adopt a few Pharmanex products into her regimen, she enthusiastically complied. The consistent use of supplements resulted in a marked improvement in her well-being and she began to feel stronger than before. Thrilled with her experience, she decided to branch out of her comfort zone and begin sharing the products with friends and family.


Studying the products and their usage every day, Unyoung’s confidence in sharing them with others increased dramatically. Once her associates began having similarly effective product experiences, their doctors started calling Unyoung to inquire after the supplements that were helping their patients. “I shared with them the incredible science that our products are based upon and they were immediately receptive to hearing more. It’s proven to be quite easy to talk about Nu Skin’s opportunity once people are engaged with the solid foundation of our products.”


After visiting global headquarters in Utah, Unyoung was inspired to expand her business efforts by including personal care products into her story and messaging. She took action by organizing and conducting large-scale meetings for potential customers and prospective distributors, where she performed demonstrations of the products and taught seminars on the science behind them. “Things really began to take off then. My organization grew as I took definitive action in holding meetings and opening my mouth. Simple behaviors can lead to tremendous results, if you are courageous enough to stay the course. You distinguish yourself from others when you make the decision to be successful and take daily measures to create that reality.”


One challenge Unyoung did not anticipate was the varying levels of commitment individuals display towards the business. “I’ve been humbled and have found that not every prospect is as passionate as me! Everyone grows at their own rate, based upon their desires and ability, so I have learned the valuable lesson to be accommodating of these different rates of progression. By doing so, I ensure everyone has a place in our team, no matter where they are at in their journey with Nu Skin.”


Motivated by her dream to one day become a Team Elite, Unyoung is tenaciously pursuing her aspiration by focusing her efforts on changing lives. “From day one, I’ve sought to serve my customers and distributors before my own gain. I enjoy the trust and happiness they radiate as they continue to thrive and better their lives through using our remarkable product lines. This principle has served me well and I look forward to the future it will bring me as I continue to center my efforts on others’ success.”