Tony Ta

Tony Ta


Tony Ta came to America with the dream to continue a tradition of operating a family-run, private business, a legacy maintained for three generations in his family. Initially he got into the nail service industry by starting a nail-supply store. Hard work and 18 years later, Tony had created a multiple-store business and established a beautiful family of five children.


Owning and operating one’s own traditional business requires an immense time investment. With his children reaching an age where they needed increased attention and care from their parents, Tony began looking for a career change. After speaking with Team Elite Phuong Le, Tony learned that there was such an opportunity with Nu Skin.


Tony continued with his nail-supply business while he began building his Nu Skin infrastructure. Staying up late after work, often times till 2am, he conducted conference calls and answered new customers’ questions, which expanded his circle group. He faced frequent rejection early on, with many close associates urging him not to do the business. This only inspired Tony to be more diligent. “You should always feel accomplished and satisfied while striving to achieve things others deem impossible.”


Working part-time over the past three years, Tony has built a substantial organization, spread across many countries and all the while continually advancing in title. His success with Nu Skin has also fundamentally transformed his character – “I’ve become a better person; I know how to love more and how to serve others more fully, especially my family.” Now as he transitions to full-time work with Nu Skin, we welcome Tony as our newest Blue Diamond. Most importantly, he finally has more time to spend with his loved ones.  


Looking to the future, Tony plans to use his considerable expertise and experience to help his down line flourish and continue to share this opportunity for success with the Vietnamese community at large.