Scott Kearns



Scott Kearns, a veteran of the hospitality business for over 20 years, established an impressive resume of successes within his trade. After running the number one restaurant in Canada, and owning several other ventures across North America, he found immense purpose and satisfaction in his craft. Comfortable in pursuing the career that lay before him, Scott was surprised to find himself curious when approached with the Nu Skin opportunity by direct selling professional and Team Elite, Charley Patterson.


The potential for prosperity and personal growth that Nu Skin provides intrigued Scott. After taking the time to research, fly to corporate headquarters, and plan meticulously for the perfect time to enter the business, Scott enrolled as a distributor with his sights firmly set on achieving the same measure of success that he had enjoyed in his previous endeavors.


Transitioning to a new profession proved to be an unexpected challenge for Scott. Beyond requiring him to master new skills, moving into direct selling meant that he would be leaving a field of expertise and playing the role of a novice, once again. “When I eventually became coachable, it was a slow start and then a concentrated effort to get to Ruby. As I as humbled myself, followed guidance from experienced up line leaders, and stayed focused on the end result, I began to hit my targets. Thereafter, I started exceeding them and progressing further toward my dream of making a difference in the lives of others.”


Scott also found strength and direction as he learned how to funnel his passion, making people happy, into every aspect of his business. Now, regardless of the outcome of a given interaction, he is motivated to inspire and uplift others. “This industry is essentially about being of service to others and improving their lives, along with our own. Nu Skin is about lifestyle for me and the impact of continuous personal development. Achieving Team Elite is so much more than a title – it’s a process of becoming a better person, a stronger leader, and helping others blossom along the way. That amazing journey begins anew with each decision I make to share and teach others about this opportunity.”


With his eyes firmly set on reaching Blue Diamond, qualifying for the next Success Trip, and one day becoming a Team Elite, Scott Kearns is motivated and determined to accomplish his goals by focusing on fearless inviting, remaining consistent with his efforts, and maintaining a commitment to emulate his up lines by attending every corporate and distributor event possible.