Dr. Raphael Allred



With a rewarding medical career, a loving husband, and a family with three little ones, Dr. Raphael Allred is constantly reminded of how blessed her life is. Passionate about helping others feel well both physically and emotionally, Raphael takes her calling as a physician extremely seriously.


However, the climate of current health care has not always been supportive of her vision of moving beyond just addressing symptoms. She has always desired to focus more on educating people on the core habits and behaviors that impact their health. When she met a like-minded nurse and Nu Skin distributor, Carrie Hudson-Wilkins, she found a leader whose dreams and passion matched her own. Immediately intrigued with the science of ageLOC and Vitality, Raphael signed on for a Health Care Professional package to gain access to the Biophotonic Scanner. “I was thrilled with the changes I saw in my patients. I knew that if I worked hard for the next few years I could change and impact countless more lives than I ever could through my medical practice alone.”


Defining her ‘why’ for doing the business proved easy for Raphael. She knew from the beginning why she was willing to sacrifice her time and efforts to accommodate Nu Skin into her already bustling schedule as a doctor. “First, my family is my life and the ability to gain more freedom to spend and invest time in them motivates me each day. I want to be there for the moments where they grow, learn how to be a person of substance, and give back to the world. The second half of my ‘why’ is my desire to set up clinics around the world for those without access to basic medical care. We can do so much more to heal this world, one life at a time, if we’re willing to devote the time and resources to doing so. The way to achieving those two dreams lies with building a thriving and successful Nu Skin business.”


Having achieved Ruby and qualified for our next Success Trip, Raphael has already set her sights on her next goal – Team Elite status, while helping her team grow and experience success, in all its forms. She muses “The Nu Skin opportunity has influenced my thinking, my self-perception, and my opinions on the deepest of levels. I have realized that each of us has untapped power and the potential for greatness. Success is only limited by the restrictions we place on ourselves. The secret is to forget yourself and devote your all to others.”